On Behalf Of The Light

Your universe aligns perfectly, if you just manifest the love in this illusion… 

Welcome home ♥️, my name is Frank and I walk the Circleway…

In the beginning On Behalf Of The Light was just an idea, a fancy name i had in 2017. By the time there are the Sacred Heart Singing Circle Gatherings in Berlin, the Songs of Light songbook and the Circleway Tribe Berlin with their family gatherings running. In planning is something much bigger. 

Thanks to brother Eric Manouz and Brother Uria Tsur for their support ♥️ and special thanks to my Lionheart Sister Isabell for working on our sacred hearts singing circle vision.

If you need help with your website and or your cooporate design, logos etc. I would love to help you.

And please remember all life is sacred and Eternity is in the Moment

Your Frank Shui


Dear sisters and brothers here you find the current version of our songbook (Click to Download). I update it normally once a month. Is there something wrong or you have a song which should be here please contact me.  I’ll make sure the songbook stays online for free and grows. If you really feel like giving support, then get in contact with me, or maybe buy me a coffee…  ☕️

Sacred Heart Singing Circles

On Behalf Of The Light this is my Lionheart Sister Isabell and Me. We share a vision of sacred hearts singing circles. We have a whats app group to help the community to get informed when there is where a circle in Berlin planned. Just contact me if you want to get in the group.

Singularica on Soundcloud

On my soundcloud you will find the Spiritual Chants playlist. 120++ handcollected heart-, rainbow-, circle-, healing songs and mantras.

Help me with a Coffee ☕

Dear Brothers and Sisters I make sure the songbook stays online for free and grows. If you really feel like helping me, then maybe buy me a coffee ♥️. And may all the beeing in all the worlds be happy.

What i could do 4 you

Besides Singing Cirlces and Circlework i am a Software Engineer. I love to create the visual communication of your business.

If you need logos and a webpage e.g. with shop, eventbooking or your Portfolio just contact me.

✓ Design of Solutions

✓ Logo, Flyer, Webpages, … 

✓ WordPress Webpages with Divi
✓ Webapp development
✓ User Experience engineering


A World that We Design

How about having really big Sacred Heart Singing Circles in the Parks of Berlin during the summer 2020, on a weekly basis? Beeing true spiritual and do it just for doing it. Money is only needed to pay rental for rooms during the winter or if there is the needing for some equipment.

Lets get in Contact